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Small Group Development

Small groups of up to 12 people provide mutual support and accountability to assure compliance with the program.



TIST is implementing the project through “small groups” of up to 12 people. Small groups are formed of members from throughout the local communities. TIST, with local partners, provides ongoing support and training on small group dynamics. Small groups provide the mutual support and accountability that assures compliance with program requirements. Members of each small group signs a covenant that includes commitments to:

  • Live in community with each other, to develop the gifts of each member, and to encourage each member

  • Set aside 10% of its agricultural produce and business profits as an emergency fund for group members

  • Follow and help develop “best practices” in developing small groups, in creating a sustainable environment, in agriculture, and in economic development

  • Use “best practices” to plant, care for, and establish a minimum of 1000 trees per year. Each group is responsible for protection of all other TIST group trees that have been or will be planted, wherever they are planted

  • Enter into such agreements as necessary to transfer the Greenhouse Gas credits created from the TIST trees

  • Meet at least one time per week, and to use all small group “best practices” including rotating leadership

  • Report group activities to TIST on a regular basis and to cooperate with verification efforts necessary to establish Greenhouse Gas credit creation

There are over 650 TIST small groups, and the potential to grow to over several thousand small groups. Small group accountability is the backbone of this entire program.

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